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High And Low Breathable Heat Sealable Bags For Pesticide / Food
  • High And Low Breathable Heat Sealable Bags For Pesticide / Food
  • High And Low Breathable Heat Sealable Bags For Pesticide / Food

High And Low Breathable Heat Sealable Bags For Pesticide / Food

Place of Origin Shandong
Brand Name Jinhua Aluminum Plastic
Product Details
Liquid-tight, Leak-proof
Scope Of Application:
Pesticide,special Food
Shelf Life:
One Year
White, Black, Red, Etc.
High Light: 

Low Breathable Heat Sealable Bags


High Breathable Heat Sealable Bags


Pesticide custom heat seal bags

Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details
Delivery Time
within a week
Payment Terms
50% deposit, balance payment before shipment
Product Description

High and low breathable bags

Product Description:

When it comes to high and low breathable bags, there are a few different types available on the market. These bags are designed to allow air circulation while still providing protection for the contents. Here are two common types:

High Breathable Bags: High breathable bags are typically used for storing and transporting items that require a high level of air circulation. They have a higher level of permeability, allowing air to flow more freely through the bag. High breathable bags are made from materials such as mesh, perforated plastic, or fabrics with breathable properties.

Low Breathable Bags: Low breathable bags, on the other hand, are designed to have a lower level of air permeability. They are commonly used for products that require some air circulation but not as much as high breathable bags. Low breathable bags are typically made from materials that have a tighter weave or lower porosity, restricting the amount of air that can pass through.

Both high and low breathable bags serve different purposes based on the specific needs of the items being stored or transported. It's essential to consider the characteristics of the items you want to protect when choosing the appropriate type of breathable bag.



  • Product Name: High and low breathable bags
  • Material: PE, PET, PP, PVC, PS
  • Scope of application: Pesticide, Special Food
  • Size: Customized
  • Shelf life: One Year
  • Characteristic: Air-Permeable Seal Layer, Liquid-tight, Leak-proof

Technical Parameters:

Product Attribute Parameter
Scope of application Pesticide,special Food
Material PE, PET, PP, PVC, PS
Characteristic Liquid-tight, Leak-proof
Color White, Black, Red, Etc.
Size Customized
Shelf life One Year
Air-Permeable Seal Layer Breathable Sealing Film


Jinhua Aluminum Plastic Breathable Sealing Film: Air-Ventilated Sealing Membrane for Pesticide, Special Food

Jinhua Aluminum Plastic is a leading manufacturer of breathable sealing film, also known as air-ventilated sealing membrane. Our breathable sealing film is the perfect solution for your pesticide and special food needs. Our sealing film provides a liquid-proof barrier that is leak-proof and air-permeable. This sealing film is customized to fit your specific size requirements and is made from PE, PET, PP, PVC, or PS material.

We offer a wide range of packaging options for your breathable sealing film, including length*width*height=30*40*60. Delivery is fast and reliable, usually within a week. Payment is easy and convenient, requiring only a 50% deposit and balance payment before shipment.

Jinhua Aluminum Plastic breathable sealing film is highly durable and has a shelf life of one year. Our sealing film is liquid-tight and leak-proof, providing reliable protection for your pesticide and special food needs. Contact us today for more information.



Jinhua Aluminum Plastic provides the air-permeable seal layer, air-ventilated sealing membrane and air-permeable seal layer. Our products are made in Shandong and can be packaged in Length*width*height=30*40*60. We guarantee delivery within a week and payment terms are 50% deposit, balance payment before shipment. Our products come in different colors such as White, Black, Red and etc. The scope of application of the seal liner includes pesticide and special food. We also provide customized size for our customers. The seal liner is liquid-tight and leak-proof, and the shelf life is one year.


Support and Services:

Breathable Seal Liner Technical Support and Service

We provide full technical support and service for our Breathable Seal Liner product. Our team of experienced engineers and technicians are on hand to answer any questions you may have and to provide guidance on the proper installation and operation of the product.

We can also provide prompt and efficient repairs and maintenance to ensure that your Breathable Seal Liner is in good working order. Our service technicians are available to diagnose and repair any issues that may arise with your product.

We offer training sessions for our customers to ensure they are fully familiar with the operation and maintenance of the Breathable Seal Liner. Additionally, we provide a comprehensive warranty on the product so that you can be sure that you are receiving quality and reliable service.


Packing and Shipping:

Packaging and Shipping

The Breathable Seal Liner is shipped in a cardboard box with an EPE foam lining to protect it from any damage during transit. In order to ensure the highest quality product arrives to the customer, the box is sealed with both an adhesive label and a stretch wrap.

In order to minimize the environmental impact of shipping, the Breathable Seal Liner is packaged using recyclable materials. Additionally, the box is designed to be reused for storage or disposal.



Q1: What is Breathable Seal Liner?
A1: Breathable Seal Liner is a kind of product manufactured by Jinhua Aluminum Plastic from Shandong. It can effectively prevent leakage and dustproof.
Q2: What is the packaging details?
A2: The packaging details are Length*width*height=30*40*60.
Q3: How long does the delivery time take?
A3: The delivery time is within a week.
Q4: What is the payment terms?
A4: The payment terms are 50% deposit, balance payment before shipment.
Q5: Is the Breathable Seal Liner safe to use?
A5: Yes, the Breathable Seal Liner is made of high quality material, which is safe to use.

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